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“View of Tiflis from Seyd-Abaz”, Aivazovsky - description of the painting

“View of Tiflis from Seyd-Abaz”, Aivazovsky - description of the painting

View of Tiflis from Seyd-Abaz - Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky. 47 x 36 cm

The great marine painter in this small picture proved to be a talented landscape painter, able to perfectly transmit not only all the modulations of sea waves, but also create a feeling of space filled with air.

This modest-sized canvas depicts a deep panoramic view of Tiflis from the mountains. Buildings located in the foreground are flooded with bright sunlight, their outlines, figures of people and horses, two large trees are painted very scrupulously, with many detailed details. The central street with an expressive realistic perspective goes down, where the bulk of the houses lie. The rocks around the city form a kind of bowl filled with a special lilac haze, so the illuminated houses in the center appear pink and the distant mountains blue.

These cool shades of lilac, blue and purple contrast with the warm golden sunshine of the foreground, giving the picture a special expressiveness and volume. The canvas not only perfectly conveys the perspective and impression of a vast space, but also has a special, quiet and lyrical mood. This is not just a landscape, it is a feeling of love for a wonderful city.

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