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Harbor in Menton, Albert Marche - description of the painting

Harbor in Menton, Albert Marche - description of the painting

Menton Harbor - Albert Marche. 65 x 81.5 cm

The painting “Harbor at Merton” refers to the early period of Albert Marche, when the young artist, like many of his brothers, was influenced by the Impressionists. A little time will pass and the artist, along with his best friend Henri Matisse, will choose Gauguin as a favorite among the “creators of impressions,” which will lead to the formation of the author's style, and while Marche writes colorful paintings, where color is the decisive component. Especially often the painter turns to urban and sea landscapes.

In terms of its light filling, airiness, and transparency, the picture reminds us of some of Sisley’s works, although the colors here are more saturated and brighter. The composition of the “Harbor” is distinguished by strict adherence to spatial plans and the distribution of color in accordance with them - going into the depths, the artist saturates the colors, while the near plan is distinguished by a paler color sound.

Of particular beauty is the image of the sea in the picture - small ripples delight the viewer with different colors: from soft blue, almost white, to bright turquoise and deep blue. These color transitions, a filigree game of shades, written, as usual with impressionists, with local spots, are truly admirable.

All this beauty of the water surface is complemented by a picturesque mountain landscape - the green peaks of the mountains and hills are clearly represented against the background of an almost monotonous sky with rare shreds of clouds. Natural splendor is so successfully “framed” by the urban landscape, snow-white houses with the same red roofs complete the composition as well as possible. Everything in this picture is so harmonious and balanced that it seems to take away one detail, one element, and the picture will be incomplete, not so perfect.

A wonderful picture breathing optimism and joy today can be seen in the Hermitage.

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