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Kiss Roy Lichtenstein

Kiss Roy Lichtenstein

Kiss - Roy Lichtenstein

Is it possible to portray feelings using simple modern methods similar to drawings in comics? The artist has successfully proved such a possibility. A kiss in which passion, suffering, joy, despair, love and tears mixed - this image impresses with its genuine sincerity and modest artistic ways in which this is achieved.

The picture is a close-up, similar to a fragment of a photograph, enlarged and painted to the brightness of the poster, which successfully reflects the style of the master. Clear graphic outlines of faces, stingy techniques, saturated local colors - it seems nothing special, and the picture amazes the viewer in the heart. There are no details, everything is extremely concise, but completely devoid of the stillness and detachment of the poster. The picture is full of life, people, with all the schematics of the image, seem full of energy, moving and no less real than we are.

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