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Crucifixion, Lucas Cranach - description of the painting

Crucifixion, Lucas Cranach - description of the painting

Crucifixion - Lucas Cranach. 138 × 99 cm

The Renaissance has introduced new interpretations in popular stories, such as the crucifixion of Christ. If earlier this scene looked monumental, static and majestic among the authors, the German painter added a share of drama to it, expressed both in composition and in coloristic decision.

Mary and John are depicted surrounded by three crosses; they are talking about something. Only the look of Mary makes the viewer turn his gaze to the main character of the canvas - the crucified Jesus. The figure of Christ is located on the side of the picture, and this is a completely new move in terms of composition, and besides, it is visible to the viewer the whole half-turn.

The excited conversation between Mary and John is also something completely new, because before that the heroes only reverently looked at the Savior. The landscape also draws attention to itself - the gathering clouds in the blue sky escalate the drama and bring anxiety to the tragic Christian story.

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