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Danae, Gustav Klimt - description of the painting

Danae, Gustav Klimt - description of the painting

Danae - Gustav Klimt. 77x215; 83 cm

One of Klimt’s famous and most interesting works of the “golden period” is the painting “Danae”, which refers the viewer to the famous mythological plot.

According to the myth, the powerful Zeus was captivated by the beauty of the daughter of King Argoss and appeared to her in the form of a golden rain, thus making his way to the dungeon, where she was imprisoned by her own father. The fears of father Acrisius were understandable - he was predicted that he would be killed by his own grandson, and Acrisius hid the young girl from prying eyes. But how could this stop Zeus the voluptuous?

Many artists turned to this poetic plot, but never before had it been embodied so frankly and freely, it is enough to recall the modest Danube of Rembrandt and the barely exposed maid of Mabuse. Klimt portrayed his Danai at the peak of bliss - this is indicated by the expression on the face of the heroine, and tense frozen fingers.

The interpretation of the golden rain is also noteworthy, if Rebrandt is light, and Mabuse has sparkling crystals, then Klimt depicts rain in large drops, thick and textured. They only hide from the viewer the shamelessly naked body of Danai.

If other painters paid close attention to some important details of this myth - a dungeon in which an unhappy girl, a maidservant assigned to monitor a prisoner, was imprisoned, then Gustav Klimt focused his artistic narration only on the fertilization stage itself, as the moment of the birth of the legendary Perseus. This moment does not require other participants, here only Danae and Zeus, who took the form of a golden rain.

In technical terms, the deliberate distortion of proportions immediately attracts attention, which gives Danai a pronounced sexuality. This feeling is further enhanced by the composition - the heroine seems to be enclosed in a narrow tight space, she barely has enough space. An amazing compositional find of the painter!

Golden rain, clearly penetrating the body of Danai, echoes the ornament, which is not accidentally included in the picture. This addition gives the event an elevated character, filling the space with a sacred meaning.

Undoubtedly, Klimt introduced a revolutionary sound into the classic plot, on which more than one generation of painters worked. Having hypertrophied female sexuality, narrowing the scope of the narrative to the process of conception, he gives a completely different look at eroticism per se, at the interpretation of known history, balancing on the brink where beauty can be cast into slutty and frivolous. Having brought ornaments, gold, a play of colors into the work, he “smooths out” all arising angles, creating a harmonious work of art that arouses interest and aesthetic pleasure.

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