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Kiss, Gustav Klimt - description of the painting

Kiss, Gustav Klimt - description of the painting

Kiss - Gustav Klimt. 180x180 cm

The most famous work of Gustav Klimt is the painting "Kiss", written in the "golden" period of his work. The names of the period are associated not only with the highest flowering of the painter's work, but mainly with the coloristic features of the style, the master widely began to use in his works the golden color as the paint itself, and real leaf gold.

Until that time, the kiss motif already “flashed” in Klimt’s work, but in this work he reached its climax. The author interprets the kiss as a symbol that demonstrates the unity of man and woman, male and female.

Today, researchers believe that the artist and his beloved Emilia Flöge, with whom the eternal bachelor Klimt had a long, difficult relationship, were the sitters for this world famous picture. It was her name that he pronounced, struck by a stroke, and this was his last word.

The legend of the picture Kiss

However, there is another story of writing, which can be safely attributed to the legend. In fairness, we recall her. A certain count ordered a painting from the artist, where he would be captured with his beloved in a passionate kiss. He also handed Klimt a medallion with a portrait of his beloved. The artist set to work, and was soon able to submit it for trial to the count. The count was incredibly pleased with the canvas, but he could not resist the question of why in the picture their mouths never joined in a kiss. Klimt retorted - he wanted to portray an atmosphere of desire and passion, which was about to push loved ones into a hug. The picture pleased both the customer and his beloved. Soon they were leaving for a honeymoon. Some biographers recall that later Klimt allegedly revealed the secret of this “under-kiss” - working with a medallion, the artist fell in love with a young girl, and the unfinished kiss was a small revenge caused by a feeling of jealousy for a successful count.

It is no coincidence that “Kiss” became the most famous work of the artist, because the picture concentrated all the main iconic elements of the composition, characteristic of the master’s style. We find flower meadows in the landscape works of the author, a complex whimsical ornament is the leitmotif of the overwhelming number of mature works, and Klimt was especially carried away by gilding in the last years of his work.

Description of the painting by Gustav Klimt Kiss

On the edge of a cliff dotted with small flowers, two lovers stand bathing in the areola of their erotic happiness. For them, the world stopped, cringing to the size of this floral ledge, where they indulge in an intimate moment. Golden robes merge them into a single figure, and only the difference in ornaments allows you to visually separate one figure from another.

A man has a pronounced dominant function - he rises above his beloved, while protecting and dominating. The girl’s kneeling posture shows us a subordinate state, although the man himself is also on his knees.

Despite the intimacy of the moment, the viewer does not have the feeling of a peeker - the heroes are not hiding from anyone. Their image is characterized by some kind of subordinate simple mortal cosmic state where only they exist, immersed in each other.

The painting was received with great enthusiasm by the public, and bought before the end of the first exhibition. Today it is located in Vienna, and besides the Belvedere Gallery it can be seen ... everywhere. A delightful “Kiss” looks at you from the windows in the form of reproductions, it appears in the hands in the form of postcards, decorates all souvenir shops and printed materials, haunts and fascinates with its magical splendor.

Russia also could not resist the brilliance of this work, and today sculptural compositions in Oranienbaum and on Elagin Island in St. Petersburg remind of Klimt's “Kiss”.

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