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"Bouquet of flowers", Ilya Efimovich Repin - description of the painting

Bouquet of flowers - Ilya Efimovich Repin. 85.5 x 61 cm

This picture is a real apotheosis of summer. This technique allows you to make bright colors of the canvas even more juicy and vibrant.

The flowers in the picture are painted with large expressive strokes, however, thanks to the skill of the artist, they remain easily recognizable. This bouquet randomly and freely combines large daisies, pale purple bells, delicate mallow, juicy red peonies, blue bindweed and yellow pansies. All this splendor is crowned with luxurious blue delphiniums, attracting all sights. A modest nasturtium wraps around the bouquet.

Ripe velvety peaches and other fruits lying on the table complement the impression of a sultry summer, looking great against the background of a light countertop, a dark jug and thick green leaves. A shiny metal vessel and a fruit knife modestly hidden under peaches shades the composition.

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