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Cart for hay, John Constable - description of the painting

Cart for hay, John Constable - description of the painting

Hay Cart - John Constable. 82 x 130 cm

The Cart for Hay is one of Constable’s most famous paintings. The canvas is so popular that in our days it is constantly copied, printed in the form of illustrations and postcards, even made a model for embroidery.

The painting depicts the landscape of the area between Suffolk and Essex, a place well known to Constable himself. In the center of the canvas, an ordinary cart is designed for transporting hay. It harnessed a pair of horses that roam the shallow bottom of a small river. To the right of the viewer you can see a small village pier half-hidden by vegetation, more likely even a footbridge, with a small boat tied to the picket fence. On the right is a picturesque rural house, which repeatedly appeared on other canvases of the Constable. Several large trees with expertly painted foliage and branches are located almost in the center of the picture.

As in most paintings of this master, the sky is very impressive. It seems alive and voluminous, it seems that you can feel the movement of the clouds and their structure. The fields and trees of the distant landscape on the left have shadows from these clouds, which makes all colors play and shimmer in halftones.

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