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Description of the artwork "The Frog Princess", Vasnetsov

Description of the artwork

The Frog Princess - Victor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov. Canvas, oil

The picture is an illustration to the time of the tale, when the beautiful princess, who ceased to be a frog, dances at a holiday. The exact moment is depicted when, during dancing, from the remnants of food and bone of a bird in her arms, the Princess Frog created a wonderful lake and snow-white swans on it.

The composition of the picture is original and sophisticated elaboration of details. The image of the Frog Princess is presented in a special way - the girl is depicted from the back, in a fancy pose during the dance. Her outlines, as well as the provisions of the musicians emphasize the fact that the picture depicts an active movement. On the faces of the musicians captivated admiration for the beauty of yesterday’s frog, its amazing magic and grace in dance.

The Tsarevna is dressed in an elegant Russian dress made of rich colorful material with very long split sleeves, under which there is a snow-white shirt with magnificent sleeves. Her girlish hair is braided in two long thick blond braids and decorated with a spectacular headdress - a low kokoshnik with a scattering of multi-colored gems. In the hands of the princess an airy and light white shawl.

The events in the picture take place in the richly decorated royal chambers with elegantly painted walls and luxurious colored carpet on the floor. Viewers can see only the corner of the table, but it can be assumed that the feast was magnificent. In the background is a distant Russian village, standing on the shore of the lake, with figures of girls in folk costumes circling in a round dance. Swans are floating on the lake, several more birds rushed to the water from the sky.

From the picture it blows a festive, magical atmosphere, it amazes with its colorfulness and elegance. The refinement of details and elegant drawing of images emphasizes the beauty of a fairy tale and ancient Russian customs.

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