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Turkish woman, Karl Pavlovich Bryullov

Turkish woman, Karl Pavlovich Bryullov

Turkish woman - Karl Pavlovich Bryullov. 66.2 x 79.8

The painting "Turkish Woman" was created in 1837-1839, and was inspired by a trip to the Ionian Islands, which was organized by Count Orlov-Davydov, a famous philanthropist and writer.

The program of such an artistic expedition was rich - from admiring the beauties of Greece to “conquering” all of Asia Minor, but already in Athens Bryullov fell ill and was forced to return to Petersburg. On the way home, the disease delayed the painter in Constantinople for three whole months, and during this time Bryullov was able to fully enjoy the exotic beauty of Turkey.

Looking at the canvas "Turkish woman", we can confidently say that the artist was able to very clearly capture the main character of this region - sensuality, bliss, catchy aesthetics.

We see a young girl relaxed on pillows. Everything in her appearance betrays languor, sluggishness, and the outfit and headgear only emphasizes this non-European beauty. Bright, eye-catching appearance does not require muted background tones to focus on heroine - sharp color coloring does not “hide” a girl, but, on the contrary, emphasizes and doubles her beauty.

The canvas was not written from nature - these are Bryullov’s memoirs, his Turkish impressions, which were so fresh and distinct that they managed to so embodied filigreely and realistically in the portrait of a Turkish girl, his “spicy” beauty, symbolizing the whole land.

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In the 19th century, interest in oriental culture was especially in demand and characteristic of both European and Russian artists. Many of the paintings of contemporary painters included dresses and interiors of oriental life.

Warm and vivid memories of the artist’s three-month stay in Constantinople were embodied in a small eastern series of paintings - “Turkish woman”, “Odalisque”, “Bakhchisarai fountain” and others.

This work of Karl Pavlovich Bryullov, of course, is a masterpiece of art. Although the picture was not painted by the author from nature in Turkey, but after returning to St. Petersburg.

Briullova was intrigued and worried by the theme of the mysterious and outlandish oriental woman, so unlike the European one.

The expressive and bright face of a young Turkish woman immediately attracts and attracts attention in the portrait. Lovely white and clean skin with a delicate blush, beautiful and sensual lips, graceful eyebrows with black arches, and of course, brown with an oriental blind eye. The gaze is directed to the side, and the viewer can assume that her thoughts are pleasant and soar somewhere far away.

Noteworthy is the outfit of a young girl. A cloak with an ornament is thrown over his shoulder, it is made of expensive fabric and contrasts wonderfully with a white dress. On dark and shiny hair - an unusual headdress - a large Turkish turban. The fringe from the turban covers the beauty’s chest and arms with light waves.

The juicy background of the background and the azure of the bedspread on which the woman reclines only emphasize the brightness of the national, oriental flavor of the whole composition. At the same time, not hiding at all the dazzling, unusual beauty of the woman of the East.

In this work, Bryullov’s talent was especially evident in feeling his character with his soul, with emotions. Charm, femininity, tenderness, seduction and bliss are embodied by the painter in the image of this exotic virgin.

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