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The Lion Hunt, Peter Paul Rubens, 1621

The Lion Hunt, Peter Paul Rubens, 1621

Lion Hunt - Peter Paul Rubens. 249x377 cm

“Lion Hunt” is recognized by experts as the artist’s best work on this topic. Rich nobles arranged unusual animal nurseries for the fun of a noble public, where the painter was a frequent spectator.

The picture is imbued with dramatic dynamics, it seems that every participant in the battle feels the heavy breath of death. Everything mixed up in a heap - formidable horsemen with weapons, wild animals, defending themselves with all their might, rearing horses. Art historians note the similarity of the composition of the canvas with the fresco of Leonard da Vinci "The Battle of Angiari."

A powerful force, a destructive battle of equal opponents - the audience was delighted. Until now, no one has depicted these wild animals, and this was a new task for the painter, with which he coped simply brilliantly. Later, the picture, along with similar plots, will be copied many times by other artists or taken as the basis for the creation of copyright paintings. It is known that the scenes of hunting Rubens was inspired by Delacroix.

The primordial, wild chaos, the unbridled element of power of Rubens was able to “collect” and organize into a harmonious composition, without losing at the same time neither energy, nor dynamics, nor swiftness.

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