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What does Amsterdam offer tourists in December

What does Amsterdam offer tourists in December

If you are planning to visit the freest city in December, then the visit program should be worked out and planned in advance. Walking along the canals and winding streets will not bring much pleasure.

In addition, the proximity of Christmas and New Year does not make traveling at this time particularly cheap. The prices for accommodation and meals (cafes and restaurants) are increasing by 10-15% compared to November. On the other hand, at this time there are much fewer tourists here than in summer or spring, which means there are practically no lines to museums and galleries. In addition, the Christmas atmosphere, illumination, numerous festive markets - this is exactly why tourists come here at this time.

What to do?

Plan your day in such a way as to successfully combine sales visits and souvenir breakups with gatherings in bars, dinners in restaurants and visits to museums and theaters. In December, almost all establishments in Amsterdam offer a special program.

You should definitely visit the traditional zucchini in the historical part of the city. Do not neglect museums, of which there are an unimaginable number in the city. At least one night is worth a visit to exploring the city’s nightlife. This is not about the famous red light district, although most travel companies certainly send tourist groups to this ambiguous place.

The season of festivals in Holland ends in August, but concert halls and theaters are preparing for December a number of premieres that will surely interest travelers.

The question of whether to visit the famous cafe-shops remains open. The main thing here is your personal attitude to drugs and other intoxicating substances. Several such establishments play the role of important sights of the city. In addition, here you can just drink water or order a cup of coffee without any additions, enjoy the atmosphere of freedom and equality.

What to visit?

Of all the museums, it is worth a glimpse into the Rijksmuseum - the world's most complete collection of Dutch painting. For lovers of contemporary art - Stedeliyk. So many modern masterpieces can not be found in other similar institutions.

The Van Gogh Museum is small in size. This place is suitable for those who know the artist’s work and love post-impressionism.

Museum of all kinds of horrors and nightmares - Amsterdam Tower - an unusually popular attraction. If you become bored from a decent and not too noisy city - go tickle your nerves. Thrills guaranteed.

Heineken Beer Museum - a visit to the exposition will not make such a strong impression as tasting finished products, which ends each visit to this establishment.

The huge Waterlooplane flea market has long been a tourist attraction rather than a market. But here you can still buy an exquisite piece for a home interior for nothing that will not only decorate your home, but also preserve memories of the capital of the Netherlands for a long time.

Where to eat

Perhaps the only city in the world where fast food tastes like a work of culinary art - Amsterdam. Herring in a bun or bitter balls (meatballs with mustard) - these delicacies are sold on every corner, they are quite inexpensive.

But if you want something completely special, then go to the most famous restaurants in the city: Vinkeles - famous for its French meat specialties and cardamom cheesecake, Omelegg - this restaurant offers so many varieties of egg dishes that it is better to book a table in advance for breakfast, too popular institution.

It is interesting to relax in Amsterdam at any time of the year. Your visit in December may become completely non-standard and the city will appear before you in a very special light. Go ahead!

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