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The Massacre of Chios, Eugene Delacroix, 1824

The Massacre of Chios, Eugene Delacroix, 1824

The Massacre of Chios - Eugene Delacroix. 417x354

Painting sometimes becomes harsh, hit hard, dangerous and revealing. In this story there was everything - treachery, bloodthirstiness, dishonor, betrayal ... In punishment for freedom of love and the desire to throw off the foreign yoke, the inhabitants were punished. By order of the ruler of the Ottoman Empire, children, women, and men were killed. Of the one hundred thousandth population, less than two thousand survived, who were forcibly converted to Islam.

To convey the horror of the massacre, the artist uses an unusual technique. There are no strong emotions in his work, there is no suffering on the faces of the victims, the faces of the killers are also demonstratively calm. But this is precisely what causes the strongest response in the soul of the viewer.

The unfortunate victims of the treacherous attack ceased to resist, they submitted to their fate and await the inevitable end. They don’t even have a fear of death, just an expectation ...

The Turkish rider on a rearing horse also does not feel any feelings for his victims. He obeys the order and is calm, confident in the justice of what is happening.

The faceless nature, creating the background for the foreground, also does not underline the dramatic nature of the plot. She contemplates indifferently, unable to change the course of the tragedy.

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