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Portrait of George Sand, Eugene Delacroix, 1838

Portrait of George Sand, Eugene Delacroix, 1838

Portrait of George Sand - Eugene Delacroix. 81x56

The idea of ​​the artist was the union of two great masters on one canvas: Sand listens to Chopin. He painted their portraits from memory. The idea remained the intention. At some point, the idea itself seemed trivial to the master, inspiration left him and the work remained unfinished.

Despite the obvious sketchiness of the work, the portrait of the writer helps the viewer better understand her inner world. In front of the audience is a gentle lady who, as if constantly escaping the gaze of the artist. A sense of movement, dynamics and a certain mystery are the main components of this work. The author uses dark colors that make the viewer peer into the details. If the face of the model is only indicated, then the hands are written out quite well. For the artist, it was the writer's hands that were an important way to express her creative nature.

One can only guess what this pair portrait would be like if the master had not stopped halfway. Today, both works, which can be regarded as sketches for the overall picture, attract the attention of critics and professionals, because it is in this form that we can clearly see the subtleties of the artist’s artistic manner, the course of his thoughts.

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