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Faust, Mikhail Vrubel, 1896

Faust, Mikhail Vrubel, 1896

Faust - Mikhail Vrubel. 1896.
Mephistopheles and the student. 521x110.
Margarita 435x104
Faust. 521x104

The triptych was created to decorate the interior of the house of one of the patrons of the Morozovs. The plot is well known not only as the basis of numerous literary works, but also thanks to the opera Gounod. The artist often turned to opera stories and liked to write music.

First part - A young student and an enemy of the human race. The contrast of the two images is striking, the conflict of work in contrast to pure youth, greedy for everything new and unknown.

central part triptych - beautiful Margarita. The master wrote this part of the work from his wife. It can be described as an anthem of pure love and beauty.

Finishes the triptych - mature image of Faust. Logically dwelling on the key moments of the work of the great poet and composer, the master draws the attention of the viewer to the most important moments in the life of each person. Here and inexperienced youth, subject to the influence of vice, and a pure bright feeling, and deservedly wise maturity.

The monumentality of the idea of ​​the triptych corresponds to the monumentality of its embodiment. Three independent panels connected by one big topic.

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