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Virgin and Child, Mikhail Vrubel, 1885

Virgin and Child, Mikhail Vrubel, 1885

The Virgin and Child - Mikhail Vrubel. Zinc leaf, oil, gilding

Creating one of the altar icons of the XII century temple, the master tried to adhere to the canons of Byzantine painting. Despite the strict rules, the work stands out from the general series and represents a new word in Russian icon painting.

As a model for the icon, the author chose the wife and child of his friend, an art critic. The viewer is unable to take his eyes off the unusually spiritual and deep in meaning work. The artist managed to give the images tragedy and triumph, ceremoniality and compassion.

Gilding, the dark red tone of the robes of the Virgin, the snow-white robes of Christ the baby - everything in the work is harmonious and harmonious. Unusual for the viewer facial expressions on the icon. Realism and expressiveness of images strongly affects the viewer. It was with this work that the glory of the master in Russia began.

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