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Oslo History Museum: Ancient History, Numismatics and Ethnography

Oslo History Museum: Ancient History, Numismatics and Ethnography

In fact, in this one museum three museum collections are united at once. The four-story building, in which the institution is located, which allows you to fully and clearly familiarize yourself with the history of Norway for several thousand years, is recognized as one of the most visited objects in Oslo.

1st floor

On the ground floor are the oldest artifacts of Norwegian history. From the first intelligent creatures in Norway to the end of the Viking Age, several millennia have passed. The collection contains primitive tools, objects of worship, jewelry. Of particular interest to visitors is the collection of weapons and equipment of the Vikings.

The entire collection is arranged in groups and in chronological order. Each exhibit has a sign with explanations in three languages ​​(Norwegian, English and German).

The artifacts themselves are grouped in such a way that the visitor involuntarily thinks about modern realities, that humanity has taken a few steps back in terms of morality.

2nd floor

The second floor of the historical museum is given over to a collection of coins and notes. The monetary history of the country of trolls began with the robber raids of the harsh Vikings. Therefore, in numismatic collections you can find coins from around the world. Particular attention should be paid to money from Carthage, in whose territory the Vikings founded the state at the dawn of the Middle Ages.

Rich treasures, the first paper banknotes, modern banknotes - the history of the state is presented compactly, clearly and interestingly.

3 and 4 floors

The upper two floors of the museum barely contained a rich ethnographic collection. Numerous Norwegian travelers have contributed to the creation of this exhibition. Tambourines for shamans, idols of the Indians of Central America, Egyptian mummies, clothing of the Eskimos and Sami. Norwegians themselves love to come here with their children. The collection is so interesting that children can not be torn off from exhibition stands.

The museum has a good cafe, and in the store you can buy a copy of the Viking helmet or the bone god of Neanderthals.

The entrance to the museum is 50 crowns (80 crowns if you want to visit the Viking Ship Museum). Opening hours - from 10 to 5 hours.

Guide assistance must be ordered in advance.

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