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Description of the art Among the plain valley, Shishkin

Description of the art Among the plain valley, Shishkin

Among the plain valley is Shishkin. 136.5x203.5

The theme of loneliness in this work of the artist is piercing and powerful. This time the source of inspiration was a song on the verses of Merzlyakov, which became popular among the masses.

The content of the poem is surprisingly consonant with the fate of the great master. The work itself is full of longing, loneliness and sadness. A powerful oak reigns over an endless valley, doomed to complete loneliness and meaningless existence. There is not a single plant that could be matched to the central mode of work.

Interestingly, the picture is completely devoid of human presence. The path that is lost in the depths of the valley is too narrow and groomed. Burdocks and thistles, which grow in abundance along the edges of the path, emphasize its lack of demand, loneliness ...

The sun at work is timid, the light at work is uneven. Clouds hanging over the valley prevent light from penetrating the earth.

The color scheme of the picture is not rich. The master succeeded in numerous shades. The complex and heavy sky is full of shades of pink, blue, yellow and pure white.

The artist, as always, managed to fill the picture with numerous details that give the image a reality. It seems that the valley sounds. The wind walks freely in the vast expanse. The rustle of the leaves of a powerful oak is like the grunt of an old man who does not attract anyone, but annoys.

In the atmosphere of the picture, the main thing is sadness and loudly ringing loneliness. The work was created during the creative heyday of the master, when his best works were created. The painting was painted with confident strokes, the workshop composition of the work contributes to the disclosure of the idea of ​​the painting, emphasizes the energy of the landscape, its solidity and harmony.

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