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Stockholm History Museum

Stockholm History Museum

In Sweden, all museums have a very clear view, which is why they are so popular with a children's audience. In the museum you can, for example, put on a Viking costume.

The exposition of the Historical Museum of Sweden tells about the history of this ancient state, starting from the Stone Age to the 16th century, you can learn about the later development of Sweden by visiting the Scandinavian Museum.

If you think about it, the History Museum has incorporated the story of the 140-century development of this northern country. For viewing in the main halls are the most accessible exhibits. The main part of the rich collection of the Historical Museum is preserved in its funds.

The Golden Room is the pride of the museum

The most favorite hall of the museum among its visitors is the so-called The Golden Room, consisting of the treasures of the ancient Vikings. Its creator was the famous Swedish architect Leif Blomberg. In this room, everything really shines with a bright golden glow. In addition, the architect successfully arranged all the exhibits, and they eventually acquired a certain mysterious and mysterious appearance.

The pride of the room is a golden necklace of the V century, on which carvings in the amount of 458 pieces are located. Here you can see the gems of St. Elizabeth.

We advise you to inspect the exposition of very well-preserved medieval altars. They differ from modern cult products. At that time, only a few knew how to read, and most of the people studied the Holy Scripture on such decorative altars, which today can be considered masterpieces of art.

Become an Ancient Viking for a moment

After the “Golden Room” and the ancient altars, inspect the hall where the Viking clothes and accessories are presented. Clothing of Scandinavian warriors is in special demand among children. You can read information about the material from which it is made, and even touch every thing.

Particularly interested persons are allowed to try on clothes on themselves, after that look at their appearance in the mirror and, finally, capture their courageous image in the photograph. After that, look at your feet, see hallowed path with historical dates on it, follow it in the direction of the next historical era.

Next, you go to the hall, which houses a huge layout of the Viking settlement. With a careful study of the layout, you can see various household appliances, boats, jewelry and weapons.

And finally, we advise you to go to the baroque hall of the museum. It often lectures and holds seminars. The most interesting exhibit in the lobby is large model of an ancient shipsuspended using a long cord under a stream of air from the ventilation system. Thanks to this, the “flying Dutchman” can smoothly change his course.

Watch the video: Foteviken viking museum in Höllviken Sweden 002 (November 2021).