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Albertina Gallery, Vienna, Austria: photo and description of the museum

Albertina Gallery, Vienna, Austria: photo and description of the museum

Located in the very center of Vienna, the Albertina Art Gallery occupies the building of the city residence of the Habsburg dynasty. The gallery was named in honor of King Albert of Saxony-Teshen, whose rich collection of drawings and engravings marked the beginning of the museum's permanent exhibition.

The world's largest collection of graphic drawings and vintage engravings is classified in chronological order and by so-called schools.

Only the most famous world masterpieces are exhibited in the exhibition halls: early works by A. Durer, A. Pisano, I. Bosch. The most popular among visitors to the gallery are engravings and drawings by Albrecht Durer. In Albertine collected about 120 drawings and watercolors created by the famous artist of the German Renaissance.

The collection of engravings includes excellent examples of the Italian Renaissance, made by wood carving and copper etching.

The Italian Renaissance is represented by the most unique drawings by Raphael and Michelangelo.

Among the most valuable works of the Dutch school are exhibited drawings by Peter Brueghel the Elder and Lucas Van Leiden.

Due to the addiction of King Albert to French art, he collected an impressive collection of drawings by C. Lorren, F. Boucher and J. Fragonard, which is exhibited in the exhibition halls.

The gallery also owns the world famous engravings of Francisco Goya.

At the beginning of the 20th century, special emphasis was placed on expanding the museum fund of German and French art of the 19th century. As a result, the collection was replenished with the most valuable works of K. D. Friedrich, A. Menzel, P. Signac. The recently acquired rich collection of impressionists has made it possible to open a permanent exhibition, From Monet to Picasso, which is incredibly popular among the public.

The art of the second half of the 20th century is represented mainly in the works of American and German artists of this period, such as D. Pollock, E. Warhol, R. Lichtenstein and B. Newman. Separately, it is worth highlighting a significant collection of paintings by Pablo Picasso, one of the most famous artists of the XX century.

The funds of classical modernism and contemporary art, stored in the gallery, were replenished in 2007 with the collection of Rita and Herbert Batlinerov, transferred to Albertine for unlimited use.

The architectural collection of Albertina is unique and quite extensive, which is represented by drawings, plans and mock-ups, taken mainly from the funds of the Imperial Court.

Today in the collection of the gallery are more than 65,000 paintings, 50,000 drawings and about a million graphic drawings. Albertina is today considered the most popular museum in Austria.

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