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Paris in December: discounts, illumination, mulled wine and sacred music

Paris in December: discounts, illumination, mulled wine and sacred music

December in Paris pleases tourists no less than at other times of the year. But now, when the French are expecting Christmas, the most beautiful illumination appears here. The city smells of mulled wine and cognac, and the Louvre is turning into a paradise for the sweet tooth.

December joys of Paris:

  • Christmas markets - delicious mulled wine, a lot of all kinds of souvenirs, delicious delicacies, products of artisans and confectioners.
  • City skating rinks (near the City Hall and Notre Dame Cathedral) - a cozy atmosphere, skates for rent, great ice, music.
  • Festival Sweet Life in the Louvre: if you think you have an idea of ​​sweets and goodies, then be sure to visit this event. You will not see such diversity and beauty anywhere else! Cakes, sweets, sweets, creams - the best confectioners in France worked on them, and the French know a lot about delicious delicacies!

  • Wine Salon - congress of winemakers where tastings are held. Keep your feet tighter, French wine is treacherous!
  • Shopping is a unique opportunity to buy something especially elegant and fashionable at a good discount.

  • Restaurants of the Brasseries Flo chain - the real French cuisine, dinner will be unforgettable!
  • Sacred Music Festival - held in several cathedrals of the city at the same time. Great performers, amazing acoustics, Christmas mood.
  • Christmas show at Disneyland Paris - if you want a fairy tale, then go there right away!

Bad weather doesn’t happen, especially in Paris

December is chilly in Paris. The temperature ranges from 3 to 8 degrees. It often rains, a strong wind. It is necessary to dress warmly, and shoes should be waterproof. An umbrella is also a relevant accessory. A thermos with hot coffee or mulled wine will not be out of place, this will help to survive the natural whims with true French lightness and carefree.

Benefits of a Paris Vacation in December

Like any European capital, the first half of December in Paris is a dead tourist season. You are saved from the tedious need to stand in lines, as well as to wade through a crowd of tourists in order to see the Mona Lisa with one eye.

Prices for hotels and tours are the lowest in the year. The simplest tour for 8 days will cost 280 euros (plus a Schengen visa, insurance and expenses for excursions).

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