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Sick Girl, Munch, 1886

Sick Girl, Munch, 1886

Sick girl - Munch. 119.5x118.5

Significant work in the work of the artist. The author was reproached for incompleteness, outright neglect of the viewer. Absolutely everything was perceived negatively: composition, color, deliberate rudeness of the background. More than half a century passed before the art world appreciated this work.

The plot of the picture was very personal for the artist. The death of her sister, experienced very hard, made the artist several times address the topic of death, considering it in different aspects.

In the picture we see a touching picture: an elderly woman bowed her head at the bedside of a sick girl. The heroine, a pale red-haired girl, as if radiates light. It seems that we are observing how life itself leaves a fragile children's body.

The abundance of black underlines the tragedy and inevitability of impending death. A few color accents enliven the gloomy room, but the general atmosphere of the work is quite heavy.

Against this background, the look of the patient, soft, calm, humble - makes the viewer acutely feel all the suffering of the child, his misunderstanding of what is happening.

The author chose a girl for the model, which he saw by chance, visiting a patient with his father. There he was struck by the 11-year-old sister of the patient, comforting him with tears in his eyes. The artist was so overwhelmed by the compassion and kindness of the child that he later used the girl’s face for several of his paintings, among which this is the most famous.

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