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Description of the art Savoyar, Perov, 1864

Description of the art Savoyar, Perov, 1864

Savoyar - Perov. 40.5x32.2

During his trip to Europe, Perov worked hard. He is attracted to the characters of streets and squares: organ grinders, roving jugglers, acrobats and dancers. During one of these campaigns in the people he saw a small Savoyard. So called in Europe, Swiss wandering musicians who roamed with the same flute and trained groundhog in the cities and villages of the rich countries of the continent.

Before us is a very young tramp. The artist managed to convey the extreme degree of exhaustion of the child, the difficult fate and tragedy of life itself. Tattered panties, worn shoes. In the hands of a broken flute - the result of a collision with competitors in street entertainment. A faithful marmot, hungry and emaciated no less than the owner, snuggled up to the boy in order to somehow warm himself. The hat, intended more for collecting fees, is empty. So today a couple of poor fellows could not earn money.

Powerful pavement and high sidewalk emphasize the fragility and defenselessness of Savoyard. A faded shawl, tied around the neck of a small artist, is the only thing that betrays in it belonging to the artistic workshop. Tousled hair, pallor, a half smile, inspired by a happy dream - make the viewer's heart break from sympathy and pain for the fate of the boy in a cruel world.

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